Sunday, March 30, 2008

SBU 150th Anniversary

In honor of our 150th year anniversary, we invite you to come along and explore the history of Saint Bonaventure University through the Friedsam Memorial Library Archive site.

Brush up or learn new facts about the detailed history of the institution while navigating through the Saint Bonaventure’s University timeline complete with existing links to important facts and figures in St. Bonaventure’s history.

Take a look into the biographical pages to discover key people who added to significant history of the University or explore the online exhibit entitled The Arrival of the Friars in Western New York.

Join in on a walking tour of the campus buildings and learn about the history of the shrines and statues on campus or test your knowledge with the How Well Do You Know Bonas? web page.

Visit the Friedsam Memorial Library Archive site today. We encourage you to learn, discover, and celebrate with us!

Blurb written by Cathy Maldonado
Archives Web Site maintained by Dennis Frank

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